"My mosaics serve as the memories and imprints of my journeys in life.
Both inner journeys and outer ones."

This is the Home of Mosaic Artist, Mel Miller.

Mel has been making glass Mosaic Art since 2003. She works with several types of glass and marble in her mosaic designs and has a special love for Italian smalti and gold smalti. The play of light on the reflective surface of glass brings her work to life.

Mel creates modern, contemporary mosaic art, using original designs. She enters the world of Modern Mosaic Art and Fine Art with her unique inspirational pieces of glass art.

She has studied with the 'Best' in Italy, and now works with mosaic full time. She also teaches mosaic classes from her home studio, with an emphasis on unravelling and revealing creativity through the medium of mosaic.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Mel also spends several months of the year working in Europe.


Contact Mel: mel@melmiller.co.za | +27 - 21 - 785 - 5838

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