Working Methods

My design methods are intuitive rather than technical. I often make scribbles in a little book. I collect pictures and materials that inspire or move me in some way.

I usually draw some form of the idea or picture onto the surface I’ll be working on, and allow the work to develop from there. When I’m feeling very brave, I let the mosaic move me, rather than me control it.

From the very beginning, I’ve tended to work with very small pieces of glass. I was immediately drawn towards using glass in my mosaics rather than ceramic tiles. I also use marble, minerals, recycled glass and found objects.

I’m very lucky and privileged to travel all over the world. The places I visit often serve as artistic stimulation for me. I collect bits and pieces from my travels to use in future pieces of work. Some of the collected pieces stay in my studio for years, waiting for the right moment, the right vision, the right place within a setting, the right relationship with the other materials being used.

Sometimes I have music playing while I’m working. Or I listen to lectures on Buddhist teachings. Or it’s silent, bar the sounds of my own work. It’s my bliss.

Mel cutting smalti in her studio


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